Family Crest

Pictures that I have chosen to put in my family crest:

Italian flag- I am 50% Italian, and my family is very proud. We include our heritage into our every day lives.

A feather- My family has a thing for feathers. We all have tattoos of one, and we all believe that we can relate to being a feather. You see one, and you think how nice and free they are. That is how we try to portray ourselves.

A picture of my grandma- She is where my family started and what keeps us going.

A picture of my 2 sisters and mom, dad, and step-dad- My sisters are my world. My dad passed away when I was in highschool and to keep him part of our family is very important. My mom and step-dad because they are what keeps my sisters and I afloat

Volleyball, running, lifting, and yoga pictures- The four things that keep me sane.

My dogs- Because life is pointless without them

My 4 year old Goddaughter- Because life did not even exist before her.

Purpose/Mission/Vision Statements


To fulfill every possibility that I am given a chance to fulfill.


To make my life awesome; while making one child happy that he or she is who they are, instead of wishing they came from a better life.


To be living a life of service and making great memories.

Code of Ethics

Treat others how you wish to be treated

Always tell the truth (even when it will get you in trouble)

Be kind

Stay true to yourself and your values

Follow through with commitments (unless an emergency or really, really good excuse- which has to be proven)

Behave in a manor that is lawful (be yourself, but do not break laws while doing so)

Be fair


Be responsible for your actions

Practice autonomy