I am currently working as the Civil Associate in Michael Baker International at the office of Manhattan, NY. I graduated with the doctoral degree from the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering at the Ohio State University.

My research interests covers four broad fields: (i) Progressive collapse (disproportionate collapse) analysis of masonry structures and refined analysis procedure specifically for load bearing wall infrastructures; (ii) Frame structure infill wall modeling, and contribution & improvement of infill wall for bare frame structure concerning progressive collapse; (iii) Non-contact measurement method utilizing image processing and photogrammetry techniques; (iv) Building health assessment and monitoring analysis derived from big data of LiDAR and UAV images. And also I serve as the graduate teaching associate of reinforced concrete design for undergraduates during my doctoral study.

Instead of academia and research area, I actively get involved in industry field. Before joining the program at the OSU, I worked as a professional structural engineer at CPECC (China Petroleum Engineering& Construction Cooperation). I made several summer industry internship being bridge structural engineer intern in Woolpert, Inc, and civil engineer intern in COTA (Central Ohio Transportation Authority) in Columbus. This website serves as the online home for news and information about my professional and academic endeavors, my education and credentials, and the exciting research projects I’m involved in.

As an academic researcher, I enjoy questioning, investigating, thinking, and exploring. The broad reach of my research interests stems from my passion to pursue new learning opportunities and create new solution and strategies. Learning and understanding techniques from other scientific disciplines beyond the scope of structural engineering has broadened my vision, enhanced my creativity, and helped me tackle existing research problems in my field using innovative, cutting-edge approaches. 

As a teacher, I strive to convey my passion, knowledge, and technical experience to students in an engaging and stimulating manner. I believe teaching should not be confined to purely scholastic materials, but rather, it should bridge the gap between theory and practice in the student’s mind. This is where my dual experience as both an academic and an industry professional really makes a difference.

My future lies in the marriage of the realm of the scholastic with the real-life world of engineering. Moving forward, I expect my academic research and interests to be increasingly geared toward addressing new and existing problems in the field of engineering using creative, efficient, and business-oriented solutions, which can and will ultimately improve the quality of our lives and better safeguard our assets. I believe research comes from practical needs and real-world industry benefits from academic study.

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* PE exam passed, just need working experience to be licensed