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My name is Haechan Jung and I’m from South Korea. I have one older sister, 26 years old now. I like to watch movies. “Joker” is my favorite movie, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is the second. Christopher Nolan is my favorite movie director as I have watched “Inception” 4 times. I can play the violin. I learned for 3 years in high school and participated in a few competitions. This helped me to get rid of unnecessary thoughts in life; it seemed like meditation to me.

I have lived in South Korea until I graduated from junior high school and moved to California. My high school is Xavier College Preparatory High School in Palm Desert, about 4 hours far from Los Angeles. The place is close to the board, so I have traveled to Mexicali with the host family of my homestay. The Mexican food was great and I enjoyed the music and the culture, too. Before the United States, I have been England, France, and Italy within a 4-weeks study abroad program. Though many days were raining in England, It was a cool experience that I could sightsee the little different capital cities of Europe countries.

After traveling around the world, I try to see and feel various cultures. The biggest thing I learned from the trips is the fun of learning about various aspects of life and developing my inner side through introspection. Thus, I decided to apply to colleges in different states except for California and my final decision was Ohio State University-Colombus campus because I liked the environment around the campus. I’m majoring in Psychology, recently hesitating to study business though, still I’m looking forward to my academic growth in this great school.