April 25th Update

Preparing for Second Year Review

Another year is almost over! I’ve completely finished all materials for my second year review and look forward to presenting to my committee on Friday the 28th. I’m especially excited to receive more feedback on my topic from the various areas of expertise to further solidify my project. I’m also considering bringing on some extra committee members in the future to act as supplementary advisors. These people would likely be Jeremy Patterson and whoever serves as my mentor at Imagineering.

Cooperative Submarine Game Conference Materials

Mila and I are finishing up our conference materials for Cooperative Submarine Game Two. We selected HCI International to be our conference of choice. We felt this conference was most appropriate because of its focus on early prototype/in-progress projects and an exciting student design competition. We compiled a bunch of our materials into a themed poster with some basic information about our game, a documentation video, and a webpage where viewers can go to learn even more about the project. We both look forward to submitting this sometime next year!

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