April 12th Update

Lots of Updates!

  • Open House Debrief
  • Moving into Documentation for Cooperative Submarine Game
  • Preparing for Second Year Review


Open House Debrief

The ACCAD Open House was a huge success! We had a great turnout for the event overall, and we were able to present a functional and enjoyable version of Cooperative Submarine Game. Our setup for the open house included the large cork board pictured above, the periscope setup, and then the control panel & TV setup. The cork board was more for onlookers to read about the project and get a feel for the experience, and it also served as a way to gather feedback from players.

Of course no project is without fault, and we realized some issues while people were playing.

  1. Some objects like the toaster and bottle of lotion were hard to discern in the bathtub level.
  2. Some players expressed frustration with not being able to tell how far or close they were to an object/surface.
  3. The buildings in the second level were too complex for players to identify, and the objects inside of them weren’t visible enough to serve as meaningful landmarks.
  4. The periscope and Oculus attachment came loose during gameplay.
  5. The joystick on the control panel fell through and had to be taped so that it could be resecured.

We did get lots of feedback on gameplay and enjoyment and will be reviewing them when we write our conference materials. More pictures:


Second Year Review

My presentation is now completely done for the second year review, and I’m starting to edit the initial proposal I submitted to my committee. I also plan on including a preliminary 3D prototype for my overall idea.

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