March 28th Update

Revisiting the Cooperative Submarine Game

The project that I’m working on for the open house is revisiting the cooperative submarine game. This version 3 of the submarine game will include some better environment theming and setup, an actually functioning control panel, and some general improvements to various assets. Thomas is working on refining some the mechanical aspects while Mila and I will be responsible for refining some of the more artistic/experience-based assets. We will also be writing up documentation for the project and putting together a video reel that can be sent to conferences. After the open house we will be looking for a conference that best fits our project. Our hope is to include a documentation section as well as a section outlining the ideal version of the game in a public environment such as COSI.

As of today we have tentatively gotten the control panel to work within VR. Thomas just needs to confirm and doublecheck that everything works within both of our levels. I have also started working on some onboarding material with Mila and have begun setting up the space around the 2 players.

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