March 21st Update

Project 2: Trash Room VR – Final Update

Over the last week or so, Mila and I have been working to finalize the assets for the game and getting everything ready for the presentation today. We’ve been hard at work getting the space to look messy and lived in to fit the aesthetic of the game. In addition to this, I prepared some basic branding for the presentation and added some fun elements to contextually explain certain elements from the game.

We’ve also developed some of the more concrete story points and lore for why the player finds themselves in this sad trash room. The entire toy factory is scheduled for demolition and the player must find their way out by interpreting clues to open the failsafe exit door before time runs out. We see this level as a precursor/tutorial for a larger puzzle game based on this square buttons mechanic.

This project has been a nice exploration of creating something for the Quest Pro headset. Mila has been handling he mechanic development but she has voiced that the development process is very similar to Quest 2 development and overall Unity workflows. I was involved with creating most of the environment assets and importing some external assets for decoration. Because of the Quest Pro’s higher-definition quality, textures and models needed to be adjusted to render correctly since the player can get very close to the objects. This meant denser UV maps, 4k textures, and lots of smoothing on the model itself.

As far as the finished product of the game, I do wish we had some more time to implement some tiny additions to make the game even better. It was a little awkward to have Spring Break right in the middle of the project, and it was difficult to work on the project while I was on vacation. I do think some additional environment elements like a sign for the toy company & an entrance chute could have improved the story within the experience. Nonetheless, I’m proud of what we accomplished within such a short time frame.


Some more images from the project:

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