March 8th Update

Class Critique on In-Progress Work

So our comments from yesterday’s critique were super helpful in further refining our idea. The biggest suggestions were to think a bit more on how we can get the player to explore and interact with the environment, making the exit a little more obvious, and thinking about what can motivate the player to escape.

Strengthening Environment Interaction:

Our idea for this is to break up the grid and scatter it around the room. This solves our problem of players being able to brute force the solution while also getting them to engage more with the space. We’ve broken up the grid and decided on 5 points of interaction scattered into the corners and center of the room. Each interaction will include a clue embedded into the environment that tells the player what order this interaction should be activated. Right now we’re thinking and developing what those clues might look like:

  • Button 1: This button is in the center of the room and likely the most noticeable one. The clue would be “One”
  • Button 2: Items that signify two will be scattered around this button: A pair of scissors, pants, shoes, gloves, a number block
  • Button 3: The letter C, a play castle with 3 towers, 3 barbies, etc.
  • Button 4: Connect 4 game, a math equation on the wall
  • Button 5: A book opened to “The End”, Star stickers (5 points), Number 5

Making the Exit More Obvious & Motivating Escape

This will be done by adding the countdown clock above the door and some signage relating to the toy factory. The countdown timer would be under a sign that says “countdown to demolition”. This timer would explain the need for urgency in escaping the space, and would provide insight into why you’re trapped in the space. The player will start in front of a trash chute, signifying they fell into the trash room by accident and must now escape before time runs out.

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