February 13th Update


So last week I spent about 5 hours painting, pasting, and laser cutting to bring our submarine console to life. I put down a base coat of acrylic paint and then spray painted with a brushed aluminum color. I then cut some pieces of foam board to the styrofoam body and cut holes out for the various components. I also created some stencils for the black labels and then put everything together! This was a really fun process to get the look and feel I wanted!

Wire Setup!

Now that my panel has been painted and assembled, I’ve moved on to assembling the electric components and attaching the breadboard to the panel. I have to wire and assemble everything in a weird upside-down way that doesn’t prevent me from making small fixes or adjustments. Because of this I attached a new base to put the panel on an incline, and plan to assemble the breadboard/microcontroller setup on this little shelf.

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