February 7th Update


This past week has been full of challenges regarding integrating the Arduino system into the Unreal project. Some fixes I tested like the keyboard emulator just didn’t want to communicate with Unreal engine for some reason. I do however plan on revisiting the emulator method and playing around with the keyboard.write vs keyboard.press functions. If the emulator does in fact not work at all, we’ve found a SERIAL COM plugin for Unreal that I’ve been trying to learn to use. It seems to be a more complex version of the UE4Duino plugin but unfortunately this plugin does not work for Unreal 5.


Today we were able to finally get the joystick working with Unreal Engine. It required some tinkering but we used the Rawinput plugin in Unreal and then spoofed the computer into thinking the board was a game controller. This allowed the computer to interpret the axis inputs from the joystick and map them directly to x and y values for the computer. The only thing left for the controls is to set up the button push and get everything assembled. We have officially solved our biggest issue in regards to the controls, and are now ready to begin assembling!


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