Module 7 – Keys to Motivation

Hello all,

I regret to announce that this will be my last post. My journey as a college student has come to an end and I have given to you all the tips and tricks that I have in my tool belt. You will surely develop your own along the way that will help you with your own specific journey. I want to leave you with something that I think will be the most important in your success and that is staying motivated. Some of you are living away from home, some of you are in extracurricular activities, whatever the reason may be STAY FOCUSED! Environment is something that impacts your motivation more than you may think. There are three different types of environment you should be aware of and those include Physical environment (distance, comfort, supplies you have readily available), Social environment (noise, other people), and Online environment (digital distractions, resources). Here are 4 key tips in managing these three things:

  • Find a Quiet Place Where You Can Concentrate
  • Find a Soundtrack for Your Motivation
  • Shut Out Distraction
  • Take Intentional Breaks

If you follow these things you should be on the right track to being motivated with your school work! If you are doing these things and still having trouble take a step back and analyze your well-being as this can be a component that affects your motivation in a negative light. Take care of your health and your mind and motivation will follow!

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