Module 3 – The Digital Age

One of the most common distractions that students of our age face is the over usage and reliance on technology. When the pressures of school work get to us it can be quite easy to turn to digital formats to act as an escape. You can’t do anything about the problem until you admit that there is one! You can quickly do this by monitoring your weekly screen time. This includes facetime calls, app time, and the amount of time you spend watching television or Netflix. Regardless of what it is you are exactly doing, it is taking away from valuable time that could be spent studying or completing your weekly coursework. If this is you don’t worry! There are a few strategies out there that you could try.

Freedom – this will help you manage your temptations by temporary blocking your popular apps and websites.
Turn off notifications – if you are someone that doesn’t normally browse the web but for sure has their phone in hand at all times to answer emails and text messages, this is for you. This allows you to not be distracted during assignments because you won’t be alerted of the incoming ping.

I hope you find some time to try these two very easy and simple solutions to becoming distracted by the lovely digital age. Another great resource comes from The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen. While you watch this Tedtalk practice turning off notifications so you can watch it fully interrupted!

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