Module 2 – Constant Communication

It is no secret that while you’re in college you will be flooded with emails whether those be from, your advisor, campus news, professors, Carmen, or most importantly when the bar crawls take place. Online communication is very important to maneuvering college in the modern day. If you are someone that doesn’t check your email regularly or if you don’t even have an email account you are in for a tough time. Your email should become your best friend. You should get in the habit of checking it once a day if not more. This will ensure that you are not missing out on any important announcements. Now, when it comes to you being on the other end of an email always always ALWAYS remember to be professional. I have learned this early on and it has been the biggest help to me when dealing with my professors. Think of it this way, if you need an extension on an assignment and you reach out with an email that looks like, “Hey, I don’t have enough time to complete this. Can you change the date for me?”. Do you really think your professor will grant you the extra time? From this point on all, you should follow this format and I swear it will make your life so much easier as it has mine:

Subject line (e.g., Potential Extension) 

Greeting (e.g., Dear Instructor/Professor/Dr./Ms./Mr. _____,) 

A context for your message (e.g., I am a student in your _______ class.) 

Closing and your full name (e.g., Best, Bob Smith)

Aside from emails, some classes will make you stay in constant contact with your peers. This can take the form of weekly discussion posts or group projects both of which can be stressful. While discussion boards can be on the easier side of things, group projects bring out…well, let’s say… the worst in people. One of the best things I have learned is that there are 5 tips to deal with lazy group members. I have provided the link below, take some time and reflect on the ideas shared and how you can put them to use. Also, I wanted to leave you when something that I have learned more about this last week. I have never gotten quite into the fad of using Google Docs however, it has recently come to my attention that this can be a quite valuable tool for collaboration and I look forward to trying it out in the future!


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