About Me

John Joyce is a first year Scholars student from Akron, OH majoring in Finance and International Business and minoring in Music, Media, & Enterprise. He plans on entering the professional field in an industry which he believes he can thrive in and improve. He is currently involved in a multitude of student organizations and extracurricular groups such as the Mount Leadership Society Scholars, Alpha Kappa Psi – Mu Chapter, and Students Supporting People With Down Syndrome. In his free time, John enjoys reading thriller novels, attending car shows, expanding his culinary tastes and abilities, photography, singing, and discovering new music. If you want to ask John any questions regarding community involvement, work with people with mental illness, or anything else, feel free to contact him with those questions!


Global Awareness: As a student who has gone abroad multiple times, with and without OSU students, I feel that I have developed a worldly view, especially when it comes to cultural awareness, but also with how businesses operate in a global marketplace.
Original Inquiry: One of my most recent research projects involved diving deep into the origins of mystery and detective novels. I used a comprehensive collection of research tools to ultimately find a copy of a dime novel that hadn’t been read in decades, and was originally published in the late 1800s. Finding myself in another world during this research was incredible and opened up the door to the possibilities of what waiting to be discovered or even rediscovered.
Academic Enrichment: I have challenged myself in the classroom by pursuing a minor that has many classes not required by my specialization. This has allowed me to find academic stimulation in subjects very different from my everyday classes, and it keeps me sharp and well-rounded when it comes to my academic development.
Leadership Development: I regularly have to be a mediator. This is one of my best strengths when it comes to my skills in leadership and my ongoing leadership development. I always try my best to help others find solutions and compromises to help end bad situations and continue accomplishing the true task at hand, whatever it may be
Service Engagement: As a Scholar in the Mount Leadership society, I regularly commit to service to both the university and the greater Columbus community. Whether it is a one time commitment or an extended stay with an organization, the service I have performed has been a staple of my development and overall positive experience as an OSU student.


Throughout my time in high school and my first two years at the Ohio State University, I have gained a wide array of knowledge and skills through professional experience. My first internship was as a high school student, working at a local public radio station, assisting in their marketing, community, outreach, as well as their live music performances. This internship taught me how to work in an office, something that I take for granted today, but at the time, was an entirely foreign and new experience for me. At the same time, I also learned some of the basics of marketing and musical performance, such as identifying target audiences, doing research, and how to get audiences interested in upcoming performances.

At my next internship location, MH Eye Care, I learned some more hard skills, such as search engine optimization (SEO), data analysis, logistics management, and other basic marketing/operations related skills. In learning these, I was able to begin putting some of the very concepts I learned the previous year in the classroom into practice. This provided a unique opportunity for me to see some of my early college education apply in a work setting, giving me the perspective of how valuable my education truly is. Going forward, I hope to use these skills to build on new, unique skills that will help me develop into a true asset. Doing this, and capitalizing on opportunities that arise during my time at OSU, will help me to end up in the career that I have passion for.

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As an amateur photographer, i enjoy trying to combine two things in a picture that aren’t necessarily similar. In this case, I took a picture of the reflection of a beautiful early Autumn sky in the windows of Thompson Library. I like to thin that these two things share many characteristics. The sky is beautiful just as the Thompson building is. They both have boundless limits; the sky with its infinite boundaries and unknowns, and Thompson with it’s hundreds of millions of lines of text that hold boundless knowledge for the individual to seek out. That is what I saw when I took this picture.


Again, I chose an artifact that reflects my interests in photography. This picture is from my time abroad in Germany over the 2017 summer. This picture is of my classmates and fellow travelers from OSU in Lübeck, Germany. Lübeck is a UNESCO world heritage site, and also one of the most beautiful locations I have ever been to. This shot is special to me because it represents a number of things to me. First, I like to think of myself as a servant leader. When I took this picture, I was at the back of the group, admiring how each person looked to either side, each of them fascinated with something different. This allowed me to then follow them and see for myself each facet of this alley that captured their attention. I try to approach my leadership style in this way. I like to see how other people operate and what piques their interest, then adapt my leadership style to best accommodate their passions.