OSU Floriculture

The Ohio State University’s Floriculture Team is comprised of Faculty and Staff from many OSU campuses and departments. Our mission is to provide Ohio’s Floriculture Industry with the resources necessary to attain sustained profitability and international competitiveness. This mission will be accomplished through a highly integrated program of extension, undergraduate and graduate education, and research.


Extension specialists at The Ohio State University serve as a resource for Floriculture producers by addressing problems and providing timely information on new and interesting products and techniques via workshops, on-site visits, and the world wide web.  Please visit and subscribe to the Greenhouse Industry Roundtable of the Midwest site.  This forum provides research-based information and outreach to the greenhouse industry.  OSU extension specialists work closely with OSU County Extension Educators and the State’s grower organizations.

Annual cultivar trials evaluate the performance of ornamental bedding and container plants in Central Ohio gardens.  Visit us on the OSU campus in Columbus, OH at the corner of Woody Hayes Dr and Fyffe Rd, or check us out online at Ohio Floriculture.


Specializations in Floriculture are available at the undergraduate and graduate degree levels.

Associates of Applied Science (OSU/ATI): Greenhouse and Nursey Management or Floral Design and Marketing

Associates of Science (ATI 2+2 with Columbus):  Horticulture Science

B.S. in Agriculture: Sustainable Plant Systems Major in Horticulture Specialization

M.S. and Ph.D.:  Degrees can be pursued in Departments of Horticulture & Crop Science, Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Food, Agricultural & Biological Engineering at either the Columbus or Wooster campuses

Professional Science Master in Plant Health Management (MPHM): Degree can be pursued in the Departments of Plant Pathology and Entomology.  Combining classroom and e-learning delivery, the program integrates both academic and professional training for careers in plant health management.


The Floriculture team is taking a multidisciplinary approach to improving plant performance for the benefit of growers and consumers in Ohio and nationwide.  Multidisciplinary research will provide the most comprehensive solutions to the Industry’s current needs and translate into increased profitability.

The OSU Floriculture Team

Horticulture and Crop Science

Michelle Jones / Professor and D.C. Kiplinger Chair / Postproduction Extension Specialist; use of biotechnology and bio-based products to improve postproduction quality and stress tolerance / 330.263-3885 / jones.1968@osu.edu

James Metzger / Professor and Department Chair / Floriculture Crop Physiology /614-292-3854 / metzger.72@osu.edu

Claudio Pasian / Associate Professor / Floriculture Extension Specialist; modeling, scheduling, water quality and nutrition of Floriculture Crops / 614-292-9941 / pasian.1@osu.edu


Luis Canas / Associate Professor / Entomology Extension Specialist; biological control, IPM, biodemographics, plant-insect interactions, physical ambient manipulation for insect management / 330-263-3818 / canas.4@osu.edu

Food, Agriculture and Biological Engineering (FABE)

Peter Ling / Associate Professor / Horticultureal Engineering Extension Specialist; greenhouse engineering, plant growth systems, digial image application / 330-263-3857 / ling.23@osu.edu

Plant Pathology

Francesca Peduto Hand / Assistant Professor / Ornamental & Turf Plant Pathology Extension Specialist; biology, epidemiology, and control of plant pathogens associated with floriculture or nursery crops and turf grass / 614-292-1293 / hand.81@osu.edu

Agriculture and Technical Institute (ATI)

Therea Lanker / Chair, Horticultural Technologies Division / Coordinator, Floral Design & Marketing Technologies / 330-287-1242 / lanker.2@osu.edu

Uttara Samarakoon / Assistant Professor / Greenhouse and Nursery Management / 330-287-1241 / samarakoonbasnagala.1@osu.edu

Ornamental Plant Germplasm Center (OPGC)

Pablo Jourdan / Director OPGC and Associate Professor HCS / Specialization:  furnishing genetic raw materials and associated information to enhance American floricutlure productivity to ensure a high quality supply of herbaceous ornamental plants; determining appropriate plants for constructed landscapes; enhancing woody plants for landscape; developing multimedia tools and on-line resources for enhanced learning / 614-292-7224 / jourdan.1@osu.edu

Susan Stieve / Curator OPGC / Specialization:  developing pollination techniques and seed production strategies for herbaceous ornamentals; leading expeditions to acquire new germplasm; using x-ray technology to improve seed lot quality; characterizing and evaluating herbaceous ornamental plants / 614-292-3726 / stieve.1@osu.edu

OSU Extension

Beth Scheckelhoff / Extension Educator / Specialization:  greenhouse and garden center management, business management, crop physiology / 419-592-0806, office / 419-307-8218, cell / 419-592-8750 fax / scheckelhoff.11@osu.edu

Timothy Malinich / Horticulture Extension Educator / Specialization:  greenhouse production, insect and disease control, propogation / 440-326-5851 / malinich.1@osu.edu