Course Takeaways

1. I learned a lot about time management and the myths that students have about online courses. They are not always easy and take just as much time to complete as an in person class, it’s just a bit more flexible.

2. I learned about how to be a better researcher. There are so many ways to search through the web to find sources, but I did not know that the way I was searching was the reason why I have trouble finding credible sources in a timely manner.

3. I learned that being a good student means reflecting on your progress and sincerely evaluating what needs to be done better. i think that the weekly surveys were very helpful for my determining how my performance was improving or getting worse from week to week. It would be great to use those in other classes as well.

Learning Strategies Reflection

This course has been very helpful for me finding new and innovative ways to learn using technology. I think the most beneficial learning strategy topic for me was time management. I took a few medical leaves during this semester, so learning how to properly manage what little time I had to do work was what saved my grades.

Here are the videos and readings that I found the most helpful!

Technology Reflection

I gained a lot of new technology resources  this semesters, but Trello was by far my favorite. I think it is so useful for planning out the weeks activities. It was also very useful for keeping on track with assignments and obligations. I use Trello quite often now. I hope to share this application with my friends and family.

Here’s a demo video to show you how to get started on Trello – Enjoy!