Mentor Interview

In the politics, society, and law scholars program all incoming freshmen get broken up into small groups and assigned to two second years, who are supposed to act as their mentor throughout their first year. For my interview I interviewed Emma King, one of my mentors.

Emma is from Sylvania, Ohio, a city north of Toledo near the Ohio-Michigan boarder. She is a political science and psychology double major and after she graduates she wants to pursue a career as a criminal defense lawyer. Emma said that her favorite part about OSU is the fact that there is always something to do, whether its on campus or off. Outside of PSL, Emma is also apart of Ohio State’s very successful mock trial team and college dems. Emma said that the main reason why she decided to apply to become a PSL mentor was because her mentors last year were not really involved and she wanted to be someone that the freshmen could look to for help and ask for advice from. Emma also said that her favorite PSL event last year was the Halloween party because it is her favorite holiday and getting to dress up with everyone was a lot of fun. For the last part of my interview I decided to ask Emma about recommendations for the best spots to go to around campus. She recommended studying in the basement of the Union because there is almost never people down there or at Orton Library. She also said that her favorite places to eat on campus is at the Union market or Mirror Lake Eatery.

Overall, my interview with Emma was a lot of fun and it was great getting to know more about her and have an upperclassmen to talk to about campus and upcoming PSL events.