St. Stephen’s: A Story in Service and Spirit

St. Stephen’s Senior Services Tri-Fold

As of 12 hours ago, I have officially completed over 30 hours of service at St. Stephen’s Community House for the Fall 2017 semester. This semester, I enrolled in ESHESA as a component in completing my Year-of-Service Project for Mount Leadership Society Scholars. In taking the class, I was assigned to complete a minimum of thirty hours of volunteer work at this site.

Upon my arrival, I met my site supervisor, Daphne Franklin, who informed me that due to my major, I would be forming and running a Marketing sector under the Senior Services Department. We established two main goals for the remaining ten weeks: to obtain two new client bases and to increase Thanksgiving Luncheon attendance. To accomplish these goals, I determined I would monitor expansion, create printable marketing materials, and complete visits to local senior residences. By the end of my time, I had helped to increase Thanksgiving Luncheon attendance from 100 to over 150 and obtain the client bases of Hegemon and Northland Village Condos.

The attached document is the tri-fold I redesigned entirely for the resource center. I focused on making it eye-catching, emphasizing the complementary nature of the services, and providing an overview of the main resources. Soon after, I updated the pictures to add a personal aspect to the flyer. Finally, I omitted unnecessary information that would clutter the space and was not vital to the seniors’ knowledge. The new tri-fold was a huge success and received a positive appraisal from both my supervisors and the seniors; it undoubtedly helped me accomplish both of my overarching goals. However, meeting my goals was not the only rewarding part of my time.

My experience at St. Stephen’s gave me a perspective on business I had yet to experience: nonprofits. In a nonprofit, I found a place where my love for service and knack for business could harmonize and create an unrivaled symphony. With this newfound discovery, I plan to expand my business interests to nonprofits and will remember this in applying for internships. Even if I do not work for a nonprofit, this opportunity reassured me that I must be somewhere that has the passion for helping others that I possess, as this is what drives me and generates my best work and effort. Although I will only be working at St. Stephen’s monthly moving forward, I know I have a place in their family now that is unwavering; I am so grateful for the opportunities they continue to provide me to both discover by niche, foster my zeal, and improve upon my business skills.

An assignment that started as a simple requirement for a class ended up being one of the greatest learning moments of my college career; what started as a thought of “keeping an open mind” evolved into a passion and drive that I will strengthen and carry with me permanently.

Service Engagement

With Mount Leadership Society Scholars, I have had the privilege of having service opportunities right at my finger tips. Throughout my freshman year, I got to engage in various short-term service opportunities every month and helped to create multiple service projects in February relating to global issues. Some of these included volunteering the Fall Harvest Jamboree, Mid-Ohio Foodbank, and numerous other institutions in Columbus. My second-year has been even more expansive and more rewarding; in my scholars program, I have planned to complete a minimum of 75 hours of service before March through the Ohio Leadership Institute and St. Stephen’s Community House.

In addition to my service engagement with Mount, my sorority has also provided unforgettable opportunities to fundraise for St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital. From selling pancakes on the Wex Plaza to cheering on soccer teams to play for the kids, the charity has grown deep in my heart and I have had the blessing of promoting it in such a fun, memorable, rewarding way. Undoubtedly, I have grown to love serving others and giving back, and plan to continue my efforts both professionally and personally.

Leadership Development

Sophomore Year: Currently, I am an active member of Delta Delta Delta and serve on the public relations and Meet The Chapters recruitment committees. I also was selected as one of ten girls to serve on the PINK Campus Team this semester, and I hope to reapply next semester and apply to be a Campus Representative in the near future. Along with my developing leadership experience, I feel I have gained a lot of knowledge from Mount Leadership Society Scholars and my BUSMHR 2292 course. I have learned that being a leader means knowing when to listen and when to speak, conversing to listen, not to respond, expressing empathy for others, upholding values with your actions and words, and above all, doing what you say and saying what you do. With all of my experiences, I have found universally applicable skills that have shown me how to take on professional, scholastic, and recreational leadership positions instead of dictating positions.

Academic Enrichment

I have dedicated myself to the ideal of academic enrichment by creating a rigorous course-load in an intellectually-stimulating major, in addition to my hobbies and involvement. I chose to pursue my BSBA in Marketing because it combines various passions of mine (business, charisma, and human connection) and I knew it would challenge me in the exact way that I needed: requiring of hard-work, but manageable. My loved ones encouraged me to pursue my minor of Art History due to the fact that it utterly fascinates me and I could talk about it for hours; I love studying the history, stories, ideals, and revolutions behind works. Many of my GE commitments were fulfilled in high school, but the ones I have had remaining I have chosen in hopes that they overlap with other commitments or really capture my interest.

My completion of collegiate GE requirements in high school is the tip of the iceberg in my desire to go above and beyond. In college, I have continued to push myself to consistently exceed expectations in my course work and have obtained a 3.922/4.0 GPA for my first two semesters, in addition to currently holding straight As in mainly major and minor classes. Further, I have integrated a diverging minor into my curriculum to satisfy all of my passions while diversify my course of study. Overall, I feel I have designed the perfect harmony of the arts and business sciences that pushes me to think in unique ways and obtain a holistic education.

Original Inquiry

Half of a semester into my second year at Ohio State, I have gotten to complete two research projects that have pushed me to new horizons of creative inquiry. Last semester, I took COMM 2367, a second-year persuasive communication writing course; I spent the entire semester research one aspect of a social justice issue. In my group, our overall topic was that of a college education in relation to youth accessibility; I personally researched the impact of socio-economic factors that create such a gap. The paper was my first true research assignment at Ohio State and while I learned the basics of writing a research paper, I also learned that interweaving passion with research makes it an extremely enriching experience.

With this in mind, I started my second research project this semester for BUSMHR 2292, which was a research presentation on a company I would enjoy working for. Thinking back to my experience in COMM 2367, I chose L Brands, as I am currently a volunteer on the PINK Campus Team, have a passion for retail, and love the artsy side of business. I ended up loving this project and felt by the end of it, I had a better understanding of the company and could be an outstanding interview candidate. In the coming months, I will also be completing a group research assignment on business ethics for this course.

Months in Mount

A group of Mounties at the Fall Harvest Jamboree we volunteered at!

A group of Mounties at the Fall Harvest Jamboree

On September 24th, my Scholars program, Mount Leadership Society Scholars, had the opportunity to volunteer at the Fall Harvest Jamboree for Columbus area families. This was one of our various service projects that we execute monthly in an effort to achieve our mission in leadership and community service. Although I’ve engaged in a myriad of projects and each has had its own rewarding experiences, this instance was a strong reminder of why I got involved with Mount and the first place and why service is near and dear to my heart.

After spending the day with families from all different backgrounds, it was like a breath of fresh air, the reminder of why service is so important. For a lot of groups, that day was an outing that they wouldn’t get to participate in otherwise. Moreover, it allowed the families to momentarily forget whatever other burdens they may be dealing with and simply enjoy their time together. All in all, helping my community gave me an immense sense of pride for the city I live in; the action of all of us coming together showed how we are truly stronger together and the importance of providing support to those who may not have it. My months in Mount serve as a constant reminder to both my core values and the good in the world, and I’m extremely grateful.

Year in Review

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Global Awareness

I am constantly trying to develop my global education and awareness through my involvement with the Ohio Leadership Institute and studying abroad this May. I have been involved with the Ohio Leadership Institute as a student for 7 years and currently am serving my second year as a staff member. The reason I fell in love with the program is due to its matrimony of leadership and global education amongst the youth. It originally gave me my background and general knowledge of the world and now, as a staff member, I can continue to build on this and listen to the ideas of the youth, too. Overall, it helps keep an up-to-date, global perspective at the forefront of my mind. In addition to volunteering at the Ohio Leadership Institute, I plan to study abroad in Europe with my STEP funding in May. Although I am still looking into programs, I am certain whatever opportunity I find will allow me to immerse myself in a new culture and gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a part of our world.

Additionally, my courses have allowed me to expand my global mindset, from my past Classical Literature course to my current Business Skills and Environment course. The first allowed me to read numerous European texts that expanded my psyche in learning theirs and peaking my interest in different cultures seen in the Mediterranean.  Then, just recently in my business core curriculum, I took a Global Awareness Survey that we further discussed in lecture about what it means to engage in business in various parts of the world.

I am beyond thankful to be at a school where all institutions encourage a global mindset, as it has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I cannot wait for what adventures I have ahead in the Spring, and am thrilled to continue in Fisher with various courses with an international framework.


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“Masterpieces of the Mind”

Masterpieces of the Mind – Classic Literature Response Paper

For my Classic Literature class, my professor challenged us to write about the importance of experiences that we do not need to survive, but life would be lacking without, like watching a sunset or smelling the roses. Immediately I knew I wanted to write about the merit of art and its history not only in my life but the world. In completing this assignment, I came to the realization that I wanted to follow my passion and pursue a minor in the History of Art.

I’ve decided to include my first response paper that helped me find my minor for my first artifact entry. My Introduction to Classic Literature professor, Professor Gregory Jusdanis, always emphasizes to us the significance of the non-essential; he reminds us that life is worth living because of these optional escapades. Because he believes it is so critical to uncover these experiences, he made this the topic to our first paper.

My head was filled with countless ideas: watching baby sea turtles hatch, traveling, and the one I kept coming back to, viewing art. I took my first Art History course my senior year of high school and although it was exigent, I was fervent about the course material. Over the course of the year, I became an avid museum visitor; I wanted to witness the great works of the world that connect us across the span of time. Nonetheless, I just thought of my love for art as a hobby, something I could experience on the side.

Professor Jusdanis’ assignment gave me a new outlook on my fondness of the history of art. Through his assignment, I saw the importance of chasing my passions and doing something I love. Without completing this assignment and truly contemplating my eagerness about art history, I don’t know if I would have decided to obtain my minor. Moreover, the assignment challenged my previously-held view on education and my occupational path, in general. I discovered that there is value in doing what you love and that my passion for art holds just as much (if not more) value to my life as anything else. The fact that this paper and Professor Jusdanis challenged my thought process and psyche and emboldened me to follow what I’m ardent about is monumental. To me, it is what higher education is all about.

In a faculty interview I completed for my Mount Leadership Society Scholars class, Professor Jusdanis provided me with a vast range of advice he would give to first-year students. It was as follows:

“Take time for the things that you think are unimportant, but hold value.”

“Take time for beauty and to not be dependent on technology.”

“Avail yourself of the opportunities that exist outside your field.”

I take these words to heart and encourage every individual to do the same. At Ohio State, I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to pursue two different fields, both of which I treasure. Further, I am lucky enough to have professors who care enough to encourage and dare me to warp my thinking so I am receiving the most from my college experience. All in all, I am lucky enough to have assignments that can make such a profound impact upon my life.