Strengths Quest

My Five Strengths Are….



Strengths Quest Reflection

I often choose to disregard stereotyped roles in people when I first meet them. For example, when I came to OSU and met the dance majors I would be taking class with, I went into the situation with a clear head. I knew we were all dancers and there are stereotypes that follow that role such as being catty or only caring about dancing, but I hoped to meet everyone and I set out to ask people what they enjoy OUTSIDE of dance so that I could learn more about everyone as an individual, not just a dancer.

I am someone who loves to meet new people and I am also someone who moved to Columbus without knowing a single person here. I am usually the persom to introduce my friends to one another, but in this experience of coming to a new place I have had to change that role and introduce myself to new friends. Although it can seem repetitive at times, I very much enjoy going to a coffee shop and sitting next an individual I don’t know and sparking up a conversation with them. Part of this is just my talkative personality, the other part is where I am from in Louisville, KY. Kentucky has a very southern attitude when it comes to conversation. In my hometown, strangers get in long conversations on the street or at the bus stop and to pause someone just to talk isn’t a chore, but something interesting.

As I mentioned, I am new to the city of Columbus. Although I love new places, not knowing where I am in space or how to get around the area is something I cannot stand. I am definitely anal about knowing where I am and knowing directions. As a result, every weekend I have been in town I choose a day to take the COTA bus somewhere in the city that I have never been before. I also take regular bike rides around campus so that I can familiarize myself with my school. I’ve found some niches and interesting places I wouldn’t have found otherwise and I can’t wait to keep exploring.

Year in Review

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Global Awareness: Students cultivate and develop their appreciation for diversity and each individual’s unique differences. For example, consider course work, study abroad, involvement in cultural organizations or activities, etc .
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Photo Partner Project

Kailee Segarra

For our first official assignment for Arts Scholars, Kailee and I walked around, talked about ourselves and took a couple pictures along the way. As a fellow Dance major, we’re used to sharing the studio space together, but not so used to sharing the world outside the room with a mirror.

I did, however, learn a lot more about Kailee. For starters, Kailee is originally from up north in Buffalo, New York where she was born a fan of hockey and football and learned to love watching sports (looks like she came to the perfect school). As a result, she’s athletic in terms of her interests and outfit branding. Her favorite clothing brand is Nike and she represents it well in the picture. Although she enjoys watching sports and rooting on her teams, she definitely finds her passion in dance arts and feels more comfortable in the studio than on the field.

Furthermore, Kailee loves having the chance to be a performer and dance on a stage (a feeling we share) as well as choreograph and work with different movement.

When I met Kailee at our first floor meeting, I discovered she was one of those bold students taking on a double major, one being in the arts, but on our mini adventure I learned that Kailee has more interests than just biology. She’s on a pre med track and hopes to delve into the specifics of dermatology one day.

I really got a chance to learn that Kailee and I share interests in dancing and choreography as well as the fact that we both love music. She, however, has her own style and personality that is wonderfully distinct and shows who she is. In all honesty, it’s difficult to capture a person like Kailee in a picture so I think this one is very appropriate. As a generally happy and upbeat individual, I felt it fit for her to be pictured smiling and in a location close to home: the stage.

About Me

My name is Emily Arden Jones and I am originally from and trained in Louisville, Kentucky. I began dancing at the age of seven at a small studio near my home and fell involve with it immediately. Through the years I danced in several different studios and explored different styles. For the majority of my life I was an enthusiastic jazz and tap dancer up until I enrolled in a Martha Graham modern course at the age of twelve. I was trained in Graham technique for four years and before I decided to attend a performing arts high school and pursue a modern dance track.

I took on courses at the Youth Performing Arts School and Manual High School in Louisville, KY. There I focused on my track as a dance major under the training of under Kimberly Herndon, Lora Ruttan and Theresea Mudd. At YPAS I received a primarily Jose Limon style training and fell absolutely in love with it.

Throughout this program I received opportunities to choreograph, perform research and attend the National High School Dance Festival. I choreographed several pieces my last two years and took one of them to a student show titled New Works where I set lighting, staging and costuming, an experience that served an eye opening experience in what I wanted to take further with dance arts. I recently explored a thesis titled, “Health in Motion” in which I studied healthy habits and nutrition in dancers. Ever since I explored the topic and documented my progress and findings onto a website I created, I have been more interested into all parts of dance; artistically, mentally and physically and connecting them.

The National High School Dance Festival was the opportunity I had before attending the Ohio State University that I was able to travel with dance and perform out of state lines. For the years 2013 through 2015 I was a dancer in faculty work that was adjudicated and accepted to perform at the festivals performances. This gave me a wonderful insight onto the bigger world of dance that truly exists out there and the chance to perform in front of teachers and dancers that I highly respect was inspiration for my college years.