What Are The Different Functions For The Brain?


This video discusses the various components of the brain. Starting from breaking down the segments of the brain, identifying the main sections and how that location effects brain function. Then, discussing the of role of each region of the brain. Functions pertaining to emotions, behavior, thoughts, actions, etc. This source is reliable because of the simple facts stated by actual scientist/psychologists, but it is not completely reliable because it does not have supporting references.


This book was written by John Farndon. He discusses the characteristics of the brain such as: how many nerve cells are there, how the brain communicates, what the brain controls, etc. Farndon breaks down the functions of the different categories of the brain, displaying how our emotions and behavior are controlled in different parts. One can be affected and not the other. The brain is the center control room for our body functions.



What Happens if You Lose Half a Brain?  –> This news article was written by Sebastian Ocklenburg. He discusses the psychology and neuroscience of the left and the right side of the brain. Sebastian acknowledges that scientists have run tests discovering numerous networks within the brain. He explains how research has displayed that one side of the brain learns to cope without the other. This source is reliable because the author is credible and provides evidence, but its’ weakness is how the article does not go entirely into depth on how half a brain can cope without the other and what happens with body, mental, and emotional functions.

Anatomy of the Brain –> This article is layout explaining the main sections of the brain and then breaking it down even more explaining the sub categories within those. Each subcategory controls its own functions such as: language, memory, emotion, personality, judgement, etc. The sections are separated to the left or the right side of the brain. Also, discusses how all parts of the brain require an adequate blood supply and number of cells. This source is reliable because it originates from a medical group facility, so the information is valid to correlate with the research collected.

How The Brain Processes Emotions –> This article was written by Heidi Moaward. She discuses how all emotions are based off of 6 basic emotions the brain processes: happiness, anger, sadness, fear, surprise, and disgust. Each emotion is contained in certain parts of the brain. Each section of the brain has its own characteristics, each characteristic has its own function that effects a person’s feelings, judgment, and thought process. This article is reliable because it originated from a neuroscience company, but it has its flaws because there are no supporting evidence or references. Or even an examaple on how emotions are truly affected by the brain.