Course Reflections


Reflection Paper 1 – This reflection paper was about my experiences enrolled in online classes. The methods and approaches recommended and that I needed to be successful. I reflected on my past experiences of taking online courses and discussed my strengths and weaknesses. I established the steps I should have taken last time and the ones I should now. There are so many resources OSU provides and that are very beneficial to being successful.

Reflection 2 – This reflection paper I discussed my professional self. Who do I see myself being? How do I expect to get there? What characteristics would I have? I discussed my goals, what I aspire to be. Then, what motivates me to be come that person. There are strategies that you to develop that professional self.

Reflection 3 – This reflection paper discusses the importance of time management, task management, and study environment management. All three are dependent on how well the student knows themselves, but are very significant in being successful in online learning. I discussed my study habits and what is helpful for me because able to complete my online assignments.

Reflection 4 – This reflection paper discusses the strengths of online reading and note taking. Online reading and noting taking makes the studying and preparing process a lot easier and more efficient. I discuss how much online reading and note taking has helped me academically, and what methods I prefer.

Reflection 5 – This reflection is about the difficulties of resource evaluation. What is easy and hard about finding supporting evidence, quotes, etc when writing an assignment. How do you know resources are reliable, and what are their strength and weaknesses. I discuss difficulties I underwent when writing papers requiring outside resources. Also, provided my solution/my plan to be avoid such troubles.

Reflection 6 – This reflection discusses the benefits of online communication and collaboration. Also, I touched on the possible difficulties that occur when participating in a group project. Keys to a successful group project are listed and important values for each member. There are many dynamics to making a group assignment successful, needing goals and objectives and roles and organization. I discuss my experiences completing group assignments explaining what was needed and what was done. Group dynamics are all different, but there is an expected structure.