Motivation is what inspires and pushes people to continue daily activity, to continue routines with the same energy and effort. Everyone requires motivation at some point. This post will discuss the times where I needed additional motivation, and how the methods I would use to stay motivated.

My lowest points were when I feel overwhelmed, when I feel like I have no time to get assignments done and turned in on time. After a while I would grow tired and complete assignments occasionally the night of or day before. Taking an online class can be draining because we are left with the responsibility of learning the material by ourselves and knowing what is expected blindly.

For me, I have to feel motivated to do well in a class. No matter how easy or hard, I have feel like I can do it to begin doing it. Sometimes it does not take much, all it takes is for something or someone to motivate to me to do the first steps and I take it all from there. To motivate myself I would set a small goals for myself each week. My goals would simulate a plan, I would have schedule for when I would complete assignment by to create a enough time for me to complete assignments and have time to myself. I hold high expectations and objectives for myself when it came to my work. Giving full energy and effort into either a paper or quiz or discussion post.

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