Benefits of ESLTECH 13641

This course has helped me grow as a student. Learning new ways to be more productive, organized, structured, motivated, etc. This post with discuss what I have taken away from this course.

Keys To Online Learning has benefited me in so many ways as being a student athlete on this campus. Each module was a different lesson and information on how to be a better student, and also recognized that we want to maintain personal lives as well. Starting with Module 1, we were introduced to how online learning would be difficult but also ways to make easier on ourselves learning material alone. This section introduced the fact that we are not alone, we are still able to reach out to each other and the instructor. In Module 2, we learned how to keep ourselves motivated and not give up. Module 3, introduced various resources as students we can take advantage of to improve our time and environment management. Module 4, we discussed our preferred note-taking method and which methods are the most beneficial and efficient for the type of learning we do currently. In Module 5, we reflected on what makes resources credible and valid. We discussed the difficulties on finding supporting resources for assignments and how to avoid such problems. Finally, in Module 6 this course introduced methods, in a way a format, for how group collaborations should go to be the most successful it can be. Discussing how the group should set goals and objectives, everyone should have a role, everyone is equal, people’s opinions and ideas should be valued, etc. This course provided me with a lot and various information on how to create a reasonable schedule for myself balancing being a student taking in person and online classes, and being an athlete.

Organizational Strategies

This course introduced new resources and technologies that can be used to be more organized on when to complete assignments and to prioritize. This post will discuss one that stood out the most to me.

Since being in college, time management has been a major factor in how I perform in school. Creating a schedule where I have enough time to balance all my assignments from every class and have time to myself, for practice, for class, for tutoring, etc. Some assignments would get pushed off to the last minute, and I always thought it was okay because they were getting done and turned in on time. That changed when I began taking online courses. My main problem was prioritizing certain assignments and getting the easier/simpilier assignments done beforehand.Taking these type of courses takes more responsibility, and being more structured and organized. This influenced to start creating plans for myself. A tool this course introduced me to was Trillo. Trillo was similarly an online calendar or checklist that you constructed yourself. You place the activities or assignments you have already completed, academic or not, and also the assignments and activities that you still have to do. Each added event can placed with a due date and a time, and also separated into categories to see which can be completed first to last. This resource helped me become more organized and underwhelmed when I would feel like I have a lot of things to do in a certain amount of time.


Motivation is what inspires and pushes people to continue daily activity, to continue routines with the same energy and effort. Everyone requires motivation at some point. This post will discuss the times where I needed additional motivation, and how the methods I would use to stay motivated.

My lowest points were when I feel overwhelmed, when I feel like I have no time to get assignments done and turned in on time. After a while I would grow tired and complete assignments occasionally the night of or day before. Taking an online class can be draining because we are left with the responsibility of learning the material by ourselves and knowing what is expected blindly.

For me, I have to feel motivated to do well in a class. No matter how easy or hard, I have feel like I can do it to begin doing it. Sometimes it does not take much, all it takes is for something or someone to motivate to me to do the first steps and I take it all from there. To motivate myself I would set a small goals for myself each week. My goals would simulate a plan, I would have schedule for when I would complete assignment by to create a enough time for me to complete assignments and have time to myself. I hold high expectations and objectives for myself when it came to my work. Giving full energy and effort into either a paper or quiz or discussion post.