Module 7

This online class has made me realize that technology is an essential part of success in college, obviously, and the only way to get that success is to master how you use the resources you find on the internet. I have learned to be sure to have reliable sources that you have to site. It is important that you find sources by legitimate authors and publishers to make sure your research is the best as possible. Online tools are very useful when it comes to studying as well, because you can make flashcards, you can take practice tests, and you can even chat online with your professor if you have questions. It is very useful when you have to research for a project, or when you have to share your report with your classmates.

I have learned that I am a very bad procrastinator, but when it comes to getting things done correctly and on time, I don’t really have a problem. I have never taken a class during the summer, but having a class over the summer really helped me to schedule and budget my time and get all of my work done with time to spare. I did not want to get behind on this work especially since it is online because if there is ever a problem with something or the Internet fails, there is time to get it fixed without having to panic and rush. Because of this, I have learned that it is easier to get ahead on projects and work rather than just waiting until the last second and for get about it or have something happen that makes it late.

My most meaningful experience in the course was when we took the quizzes that show how we procrastinate and what we do to procrastinate. Those quizzes really opened my eyes to how I need to change my habits and that if I do change, it will make things easier. I also liked to write blog posts because I have always to write a blog, and it was nice to reflect on what we had learned in that past week. It was also very interesting to read about what websites the other students used to help them study and write papers because now I have expanded my knowledge on proper ways to study and memorize different subjects.

In the future, I will be sure to get ahead on my schoolwork because from what I have learned, it makes things way easier in the future. I have learned that I am a pretty bad procrastinator, but now I have some tools that I can use to help me battle it in the future. I have learned that there are some website that are not reliable and you really have to be careful on what you use because it could give you wrong information. I now know that you have to do research that will lead to legitimate sources for your project or report. I have researched some websites for studying, writing papers, and practicing for tests that I will definitely use in the future.

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