Module 6

It is very important to have reliable sources that don’t reveal too much about the topic. They should have an author and the publisher clearly displayed so that you can see if they are legitimate or not. I learned from module 6 that there should also be legit contact information so that you can contact the publishers of the website if you have any questions or concerns. I didn’t think about that before I read module 6, but it seems so obvious now. It is also important that the website does not have biased information because that is not good for when you’re writing an analysis paper on a subject. You also have to pay attention to the citations of the sources that they use because if those sources aren’t credible, then the whole website is almost unusable. You have to search the website for the main audience because you don’t want the website to reveal too much information about the topic. This could cause you to miss the main point of what you’re doing in the first place, which is coming up with your own analysis, not copying an expert’s analysis onto your own paper. It is very important that you properly research for your papers, and that you find websites and sources that are actually credible.

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