Module 5

It is just as important to write down information as it is to sit through and listen to a lecture. Without taking notes, you are setting yourself up to forget everything you had sat through. There are many different ways to take notes, but from what I have learned during this module, it is ok to not fit into a category of notes perfectly. It is important to write notes that are easy for you to write down and that are easy for you to go back and look at with ease. I found that I do not fit into one category of notes exactly, but it’s easier for my mind to combine two strategies into one.

I learned from this module, also, that it is important to find a concept that is presented in an interesting way that is easy for your mind to remember. For example, if the information is shown in a catchy song or with some memorable pictures, the it is more likely that the information presented will stick easier. I was shown a song of the capitals of all of the Spanish-speaking countries in South America in 7h grade, and because the song is so catchy and repetitive, i still remember every word of the song to this day. If the information isn’t presented in a way that is exactly interesting to you, then you should make it into a song or something that is catchy so that your mind with grasp onto the information easier, and that the information is easier to recall when you are taking an exam or quiz.

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