Module 4

There are many resources that students can use to help aid in their success in college. Academic websites such as and can help any student master concepts of any subject while studying for exams at the same time. Websites like these help organize information while helping to quiz you about the information. I use these websites to organize my notes from class, and I have found that it is very handy when you want to go back and review what you learned in class when preparing for an exam. Teachers can help interact with you to make sure that you are studying specific information and that the information is sticking. On the other hand, websites such as, and help any student write a well-organized and properly cited paper. These websites help to format a paper in accordance to what class it is for, and avoid copyright because of a well-formatted bibliography as well. I used all of these websites during my first year in college, and I will continue to do so because they all offer great resources that help me to write great papers. With the help of all of the studying websites that I have listed, I have never felt more prepared for exams and quizzes.

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