Module 6

It is very important to have reliable sources that don’t reveal too much about the topic. They should have an author and the publisher clearly displayed so that you can see if they are legitimate or not. I learned from module 6 that there should also be legit contact information so that you can contact the publishers of the website if you have any questions or concerns. I didn’t think about that before I read module 6, but it seems so obvious now. It is also important that the website does not have biased information because that is not good for when you’re writing an analysis paper on a subject. You also have to pay attention to the citations of the sources that they use because if those sources aren’t credible, then the whole website is almost unusable. You have to search the website for the main audience because you don’t want the website to reveal too much information about the topic. This could cause you to miss the main point of what you’re doing in the first place, which is coming up with your own analysis, not copying an expert’s analysis onto your own paper. It is very important that you properly research for your papers, and that you find websites and sources that are actually credible.

Module 5

It is just as important to write down information as it is to sit through and listen to a lecture. Without taking notes, you are setting yourself up to forget everything you had sat through. There are many different ways to take notes, but from what I have learned during this module, it is ok to not fit into a category of notes perfectly. It is important to write notes that are easy for you to write down and that are easy for you to go back and look at with ease. I found that I do not fit into one category of notes exactly, but it’s easier for my mind to combine two strategies into one.

I learned from this module, also, that it is important to find a concept that is presented in an interesting way that is easy for your mind to remember. For example, if the information is shown in a catchy song or with some memorable pictures, the it is more likely that the information presented will stick easier. I was shown a song of the capitals of all of the Spanish-speaking countries in South America in 7h grade, and because the song is so catchy and repetitive, i still remember every word of the song to this day. If the information isn’t presented in a way that is exactly interesting to you, then you should make it into a song or something that is catchy so that your mind with grasp onto the information easier, and that the information is easier to recall when you are taking an exam or quiz.

Educational Video

This video is of the capital cities of all of the Spanish-speaking countries. I was shown this video is 7th grade Spanish class, and I still know all of the words to this day. I think it was because my teacher had us sing it every day, or because of the catchy tune.It is represented in an interesting way, rather than a lecture and flashcards, it is a song with a tune that will never fail you.

This video helps students who are just learning Spanish to memorize important places in the Spanish-speaking world. This video is catchy and repetitive so that it is easy to remember. It is also very important that students know all of the Spanish-speaking countries because later on in Spanish classes in high school and college, they will become useful. The way this information is presented (the song along with the pictures of the countries) also helps you to remember its content.

Module 4

There are many resources that students can use to help aid in their success in college. Academic websites such as and can help any student master concepts of any subject while studying for exams at the same time. Websites like these help organize information while helping to quiz you about the information. I use these websites to organize my notes from class, and I have found that it is very handy when you want to go back and review what you learned in class when preparing for an exam. Teachers can help interact with you to make sure that you are studying specific information and that the information is sticking. On the other hand, websites such as, and help any student write a well-organized and properly cited paper. These websites help to format a paper in accordance to what class it is for, and avoid copyright because of a well-formatted bibliography as well. I used all of these websites during my first year in college, and I will continue to do so because they all offer great resources that help me to write great papers. With the help of all of the studying websites that I have listed, I have never felt more prepared for exams and quizzes.