Online Presence

Social Media Icons on SmartphoneTo go along with personal brand, it is important to manage your online presence. Always be aware that anything that you “Like,” post, and comment on online can be viewed by your potential employer and can affect your job search. Through your social media and web activities, convey your professional and personal interests, talents, and passions in order to develop your brand and strengthen your online presence.

How to Manage Your Online Presence:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, comments on other websites, etc.
  • Does everything you post, comment on, “Like” on social media align with your personal and professional brand?
  • Will your social media presence help or hinder your search for a job?
  • Go through your social media accounts. Filter through and edit (if necessary) your past posts, pictures, comments
  • Keep your accounts private and know they may not be private
  • Google yourself
  • Be purposeful in your posts, comments, “Likes” to develop your brand