Stack of coins with a clock out of focusTips for Negotiations:

  • You are not in a position to negotiate until the employer makes an offer
  • Know your budget and how much money you need to live
  • Do your research in your market on related positions and years of experience
  • Always try to negotiate a job offer
  • Never negotiate via e-mail (in-person or phone conversation is best)
  • Consider other areas of negotiation and total rewards (compensation, benefits, work-life balance, professional development, recognition and performance)
  • Decide what salary range and benefits are acceptable to you

How to Negotiate:

  1. Have a positive attitude; be grateful for the offer and reiterate your interest in the position
  2. Ask politely and in an informational way- “Is there any wiggle room to negotiate?” “Is there any flexibility in regard to salary?”
  3. Justify it- provide facts
    • Research- salaries for similar positions in your area and industry
    • Amount of experience
    • Specialized skills