Cover Letters

Businesswoman working on a laptop in her office

You should always include a cover letter with every job application that you submit. This is your chance to highlight your achievements, show the employer your communication skills, your interest in the position, and why you would be a great fit.


Components of a Cover Letter:

  1. Header- use the same header as your resume, and eventually, your reference sheet (include full name and contact information)
  2. Business letter format- date, name and address of hiring manager
  3. Salutation- “Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss Last Name” or “Dear Hiring Manager”
  4. Three paragraphs
    • Introduction- position title, how you found out about the position, why you are interested in the organization, how your skills/experience are a good fit
    • Body- explain why you want the job and why you match their qualifications; list 3-5 of your achievements that specifically match the skills/experience/qualifications in the job; description
    • Closing- restate your interest in the position and organization; state your desire to meet for an interview; describe how and when you will follow up; let them know how you can be contacted; thank them for their consideration
  5. Signature- type name, print, and handwrite signature