Module 5

The most important or useful thing I learned this week was the importance of note taking, what makes note taking effective, and how you should take notes.What makes note taking important, is the fact that without having notes, studying becomes way harder. Having notes is almost a cheat sheet because you have all of the important information that you will need organized well right in front of you. Notes are the keys to success and being a good student. What makes effective note taking effective is the attention to detail.  If you take detailed notes and keep them organized, when it comes time to studying them it will be very easy to follow along and help you retain the  information. It is also very important to find out what style of note taking is best for you. If your notes aren’t put in a way that you can follow along, they’re essentially useless. When taking notes you always want to put the date, class, and the tittle or the main talking points of the class. When taking notes it is also helpful to have an introduction, it is a great tool to have and will also make retaining information easier. You will have more knowledge and understanding if you do this.

The importance of college students working out



This video mainly focuses on student health and why it is beneficial for college students to work out. The video uses data from college students at Purdue University. Purdue recently did a research on this topic and they found out that when students are more mentally alert and physically healthy it allows them to do better, a few examples: gpa kids that went 16 or more times had an average gpa of 3.1, students gave better speeches, were more alert in the class room,  and it’s a great way to clear your mind and get rid of stress. This video also talks about the many different ways a person can work out/ exercise.


This video supplements or enhances my learning topic of the importance of exercising and being healthy while in college because it harps on my main talking point. Throughout the video it harps on the many different advantages you gain from working out and all the rewards that come with it. For instance, working out can help boost ones confidence, it will help diminish stress levels, and most importantly it will help keep you healthy. In college you are constantly doing so much, always running around so its easy to get worn out, but working out helps take that away. This video does an excellent job explain everything