IA Reflection #2: Service

I attended the IA-mini Involvement fair that happened on October 25, 2018. The set-up was just like the involvement fair that happened at the beginning of the year, allowing us to talk to organizations we’re interested in and seek opportunities. Even though it was much smaller than I thought it would be, I found this event helpful since it was less overwhelming than the involvement fair. It was also helpful since it only had organizations specifically geared toward International Affairs scholars’ interests. There were a couple organization that caught my attention, which I would consider getting involved in.

At the event, there were organizations that I already heard of and those that I didn’t know about. I’m already involved in AWOW, Advocates for Women of the World, and I was happy to see a friendly face there. I also had signed up to receive emails from MUNDO before the start of this semester when registering for housing. I had actually signed up without knowing exactly what it was, so talking to them helped me gain a better understanding of what they do. They’re a diversity, leadership, and service focused group, allowing students to connect with with each other while getting a chance to develop leadership and awareness.

I also talked to SLA, which stands for Student Leadership Advocates. From my understanding, SLA is basically an organization for organizations. They create workshops and retreats and facilitate them to help other student groups and students improve their leadership skills. Some topics they have programs on are icebreakers, team building, goal-setting, time management and stress relief, values clarification, recruitment and retention, officer transitions and so much more. I thought this group was unique in the sense that they serve other student organizations on campus. After learning about them, what they do really interested me especially since what they do not only help others build critical leadership skills, but also it would let me develop mine while serving other students. I also learned that there is an application process in order to become a part of this group. Applicants go through a competitive process to become a member.

Another group I talked to during this event was GHI, Global Health Initiative. Their colorful logo initially caught my eye, and then the name of the group. This organization advocate and raise awareness for global health. They do community service around Columbus throughout the school year and partners with a global non-profit organization called Peacework to go on international service trips over breaks. This year, they’re going to Malawi, Guatemala, and India for 2 weeks to host educational workshops, conduct health-related service projects, and do clinical volunteer work. Global health issue is something I’m passionate about especially as someone who wants to go into health care. After talking to the people that are already a member and learning about what they do, I want to get involved in this organization. I wanted to get involved in a service organization related to health care on campus. The agenda and the volunteering opportunities this group provides is something I would take advantage of.