NASA Recycling Final Report

“This report provides information regarding the planning, analysis, and evaluation of a bioreactor to serve the purpose of composting plant biomass in microgravity.  Currently, a system known as the VEGGIE system is utilized by NASA to grow fresh vegetables, such as basil and lettuce, in space stations where there is little to no gravity.  This challenges the physics of plant growth knowledge to date. While the system has provided a generous amount of vegetative growth, there is still plant biomass that is considered inedible, and thus often packaged with trash.   NASA would like the VEGGIE system to be further augmented to be able to utilize the nutrients locked in these inedible parts, and thus recycle biomass into what would have been disposed as waste. The main proposed design is to create an aerobic bioreactor that would compost this biomass into a usable growth substrate for future vegetation while requiring as little crew time as possible.”


NASA Recycling Final Report-1bdubcj