About Me


My name is Ryan Jeon and welcome to my page!

I am a Bio-Engineering student with dual minors in Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine. Animals have always been my passion and to be able to combine engineering in with animal science would be the best career for me. Someday though, I’d like to have my own Alpaca and Sheep farm, and grow the best wool in the state!

This blog is a portfolio of some of my thoughts, reflections, and papers on the various topics of animals that I’ve learned in my undergraduate.

I am truly passionate about animals, and throughout my undergraduate I’ve grown to learn how important it is to understand how much technology can help us alleviate many of the problems that is threatening some of the world’s more beautiful species. I believe that using big data and mathematical models can act as a bridge between empirical data and theoretical knowledge. Quantifying strategies can be a more concrete justification for spending money on conservation methods, as models can be made to simulate real life animal behavior. In addition, I’d like to learn more about mitochondrial DNA and how we can utilize it to better understand the fragile genetics of exotic animals.

In my free time, I like to write code, learn new programs (currently learning how to create video games) and day dreaming about traveling across the globe.


My favorite animal is the Hippo, mostly because no matter what they do, they look really goofy all the time.