Cru, or as it is known at OSU, RealLife, is a Christian organization that I have been a member of since my first semester at Ohio State. During my second- year, I was able to be a Target Area Multiplier, in which I discussed the gospel with other students and led a weekly bible study. In addition, to our small groups, or bible studies, and weekly meeting, Cru has other events throughout the year, such as retreats, parties, and even a spring formal. This image is from the 2016 Spring Formal and I am with the girls from the Nosker/Archer/Mendoza small group.



This is my class, Class 18, of Alpha Zeta Partners, an honorary for students in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. As a class, we go through four seminars, one of which is six weeks in Piracicaba, Brazil, but also participate in other events as an honorary, such as meetings, fundraisers, and community service events. This picture was taken at our initiation ceremony in Spring 2016.