Ohio Pork Council Communication Intern- Weeks 10 and 11

From July 25-August 5, I worked as the assistant manager at the pork stand in the Taste of Ohio Cafe at the Ohio State Fair. Here, I managed our cashiers, counted money for the day, stocked product, and had a variety of other jobs and duties. At first, I was very unsure as to how this would go, but the state fair ended up being one of my favorite parts of my internship. I enjoyed what I was doing, even if it wasn’t directly related to communications, and enjoyed working with the people in the cafe. I think what made this experience enjoyable was that I was not expecting it to go as well as it did. However, I still gained a lot from this experience, even if I don’t intend to go into food service. One of the biggest lessons I learned was the difference between hard work and overworking yourself. On day 10, I had been doing so much that I felt sick and ended up leaving even before the day was half over. I think this will be something for me to remember when I am striving to do my best or maybe even working a little too much.