Ohio Pork Council Communication Intern: Week 5

For the majority of this week, I attended state intern training with the National Pork Board in Des Moines, Iowa. Our first day consisted of numerous presentations from different departments within NPB. On our second day, we attended Operation Main Street Training, in which we learned how to handle and answer questions about the industry, especially when talking with the media. I really enjoyed learning about interviewing and answering these types of questions, as I have an interest in public relations.  I had never considered how much thought must go into answering these types of questions, from what words to use or whether or not to respond with facts and statistics. Our final day was spent at the World Pork Expo, where I watched purebred hog shows and explored the trade show. On Thursday and Friday, I worked on various office tasks, from editing Porkline content to creating slideshows.

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