National 4-H Conference Center Program Assistant: Week 10

This week, I continued touring with Caprock Academy from Colorado. It has been one of the longest tours I have had, lasting from Saturday to Thursday, for a total of 5 nights. This group was very challenging for many reasons, first being that it was very exhausting and left me with little time to recharge. However, I had to remember to make the most of the students’ experience and to always put my best foot forward. In addition, my group also was late numerous times, so we were often late to some of our destinations. I definitely had my patience tested, but in the end, everything worked out great. This was certainly a reminder to always keep a clear mind and to worry about things that only I can control. With Caprock, I┬áhad a very unique experience- witnessing a presidential motorcade! We were taking pictures by the White House and noticed that something was going on, and decided to stick around to see what it could be. The students were thrilled and it was something truly memorable. Overall, this group of students was one of my most enthusiastic and well-behaved and I enjoyed spending the week with them.

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