National 4-H Conference Center Program Assistant- Week 13

Because I have had groups for multiple weeks in a row, I spent most of my time in the office. This week I worked to prepare for CWF, the summer 4-H conference beginning in the next few weeks. Most of my time was spent doing administrative or organization tasks, such as making sure there were enough supplies for activities or updating documents. If I was not working on CWF prep, I was preparing for my next group, Mount Bethel Christian Academy, who will be arriving on Sunday. For this school, I will be working with another PA, Alexis, so the work was divided between us.

National 4-H Conference Center Program Assistant: Week 12

From Sunday to Thursday, I was with St. Paul Christian Academy from Nashville, Tennessee. This group was a 6th grade class, which is younger than most of the groups I am working with. Because of this, I had to change my approach to presenting the information and how to handle situations. Although it was difficult at times, it all worked out and was a fantastic experience. I had a great group of students and the chaperones were cooperative. Like almost every group, something unique happens, and with St. Paul, I was able to see the House Chamber. Although they were not in session, it was interesting to see where the House of Representatives are voting on bills that affect our everyday lives. Overall, this group was a reminder of how important it is to know your audience and how to adapt to different ones.

National 4-H Conference Center Program Assistant: Week 11

Compared to my last two weeks, this one was more relaxed and not as packed. I spent most of my time in the office, but usually was only in for half a day. I did have two groups, one night tour and one during the day. For my day group, my fellow PAs and I had to plan a lot for this group, and then think of something else when our plans did not work out. Although it was very stressful in the moment, everything worked out well and our group enjoyed their experience. Usually, this type of situation is challenging for me, but thankfully, I was able to think on my feet and discuss multiple possibilities with my colleagues. While in the office, I spent most of my time preparing for my group coming on Sunday or working on projects for CWF.

National 4-H Conference Center Program Assistant: Week 10

This week, I continued touring with Caprock Academy from Colorado. It has been one of the longest tours I have had, lasting from Saturday to Thursday, for a total of 5 nights. This group was very challenging for many reasons, first being that it was very exhausting and left me with little time to recharge. However, I had to remember to make the most of the students’ experience and to always put my best foot forward. In addition, my group also was late numerous times, so we were often late to some of our destinations. I definitely had my patience tested, but in the end, everything worked out great. This was certainly a reminder to always keep a clear mind and to worry about things that only I can control. With Caprock, I had a very unique experience- witnessing a presidential motorcade! We were taking pictures by the White House and noticed that something was going on, and decided to stick around to see what it could be. The students were thrilled and it was something truly memorable. Overall, this group of students was one of my most enthusiastic and well-behaved and I enjoyed spending the week with them.