National 4-H Conference Center Program Assistant: Week 8

This week, I was with the Harris Road Middle School 8th grade class from North Carolina. This group used 6 buses, so there were several of us working together. Although it was one big group, we all were able to work individually and focus on the students on our bus. Throughout this experience, and especially this week, I have learned how to work with others, even as their approach to something may vary greatly from mine. For example, I like to have a plan before I do something, and tend to take a lot of time “perfecting” it. However, there were some other guides who preferred to go with the flow and handle the situation as time went along. I had to find a middle ground between this so that we could successfully work together. In addition, after working various hours, I feel that this experience will prepare me for any position that I will have in the future, as I will not only have┬áthe ability and experience of working a normal business day, but also have the experience of working for more 12 hours. So far, I am gaining more from this experience than I had originally anticipated.

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