National 4-H Conference Center Program Assistant- Week 3

The first few days of this week consisted of finishing up training and preparing for my first group: Winner’s Circle 4-H Club from Palmer, Alaska. Typically, each group only has one Program Assistant, or PA, but for this group, I was paired with one of the other PAs, Alexis. Our group began with a workshop and then we led them around the city. They went to the some of the most popular locations, such as the Capitol, Smithsonian museums, and memorials, as well as some other locations, like the Spy Museum and Arlington National Cemetery. Our role as PAs was to be a liaison between the group and the locations, providing information about them and making sure their reservations or tickets were correct. Additionally, for one evening, I broke away from the group and provided a tour of the monuments and memorials to my Class of AZP, as this was our final seminar. Overall, this was a great learning experience as to what to expect with a group and I loved getting to know the students and chaperones. It was the perfect group to have as my first group for my internship.

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