National 4-H Council Educational Program Assistant- Week 1

February 26, 2017

This week began my journey as a Program Assistant for the National 4-H Council in Washington, D.C. Because this was only the first week, my fellow assistants and I have been going through training. We have been learning about the Conference Center (where we are staying and working), the basics of the position, how to work with groups, and most importantly, learning all the information about Washington, D.C. On some of the days, we have been shadowing tours completed by some of our superiors and studying on our own. In addition, we also had to complete a “scavenger hunt” of the city, by finding restaurants, bathrooms, and learning our way around Washington. We were able to experience many of the elements of the city for the first time, like riding the metro and visiting the museums, and learn more about the city along the way. This was just the first week of training, so we will be working on planning our workshops and tours for the next two weeks.