Year in Review

Autumn 2018 Semester in Review:

This semester was by far the most challenging academic position I have been in since the beginning of my education.  Through my courses, I was required to access my learning style and make adjustments to fit my new environment which was difficult.  However, through these adjustments, I also learned a lot about myself as a student and a part of society.  Having been a straight-A student throughout middle and high school without the need to study much or do a lot of work outside of class, coming to college and having to work around the clock to meet these same standards was a cultural shock.  Majority of my free time during the week was spent studying or doing assignments, which taught me valuable skills such as time management, long-term focus, and perseverance.  These skills learned through disciplined study will be used throughout my time at Ohio State and into my career in the future, thus this semester was very impactful on my personality and life-vision.  One of the best parts of my first semester at OSU was having the chance to meet new people and adjust to this new situation together, as we are all facing new obstacles.  I am looking forward to what the future holds for me in the coming semesters and growing more as a person both academically and socially.


Spring 2019 Semester in Review:

Although I stated that the Autumn 2018 semester was the hardest academic load of my career, this semester beats that by far!  By challenging myself with 18 credit hours of rigorous coursework, I faced many hardships throughout the semester.  Through this experience, I was able to develop pre-existing skills such as time management, stress control,  resilience, and endurance.  Along with my difficult workload, I was able to find a research position this semester at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in order to expose myself to the trials and tribulations associated with the field of scientific investigation.  My favorite aspect of this semester was definitely being involved in my MedColl class offered through the OSU COM.  Through this course, I was guided through the medical school application process, shown the various levels of coursework and residency, and given the opportunity to speak with physicians and other medical professionals to learn more about the field.  My time at Ohio State thus far has been very developmental and enthralling, and I look forward to the years to come as I will keep growing, learning, and refining various aspects of my life.


Autumn 2019 and Spring 2020 Semesters in Review:

Yet again, it seems that my courses keep getting harder and harder but with this comes interesting concepts to learn with refined academic skills.  I challenged myself with a rigorous course load including many major-required classes and other general education electives.  My autumn semester included many of the courses needed to declare the neuroscience major in order to begin focus on a specialty.  I enjoyed learning more about the nervous system and psychology, which effectively deepened my passion for medicine.  My spring semester consisted of various gen-eds like Intro to Film, Literature, and Politics but I also took Organic Chemistry and found myself thoroughly challenged.  This semester brought diversity in learning through non-science related courses, but also adversity through what is considered a ‘weed-out’ class.

Throughout both of these semesters, I researched and volunteered at Nationwide Children’s Hospital which allowed me the opportunity to experience work in the medical field and build skills needed to be successful.  Unfortunately, this experience was cut short due to COVID-19 which inevitably stopped me from continuing this work into a summer internship.  I look forward to my future at Ohio State with goals of more achievement and knowledge.