• Global Awareness: I believe that being cognizant of issues around the world and aware of cultures other than your own is very important when discussing a well-rounded individual.  Being appreciative of diversity and embracing new ideas are traits that I strive to maintain and grow upon each and every day.   A very impactful example of this was my trip to Europe during the summer of 2016 when I joined 3,000 other students in a global leadership conference to learn about the importance of food in different cultures.  I had the opportunity to hear from various culinary arts experts with varying backgrounds which discussed the role of food in their culture.   I listened to Anthony Bourdain speak about his journey to understand and accept new cultural ideas through food, as well as Stephen Ritz speak about his ‘Green Bronx Machine’ — a K-12+ school where impoverished, academically-disadvantaged students grow vegetables and improve their academic performance. Hearing the passion in these men’s voices solidified my understanding of the importance of global awareness in my everyday life
  • Original Inquiry: A big part of being a successful student is the ability to critically think and problem-solve in order to come to an original conclusion.  Ohio State is one of the largest research universities in the nation and provides numerous opportunities to grow in this area such as research opportunities in labs, a wide variety of courses to challenge critical thinking skills, and a campus-wide emphasis on personal growth.  I plan to grow this skill in my time at Ohio State and a personal goal of mine to strive for deep, interconnected thought with meaningful conclusions.
  • Academic Enrichment: Taking a variety of difficult classes to challenge yourself and grow mentally is one of the most important aspects of college as many skills are developed in the process such as time management, critical thinking, and perseverance.  I strive to challenge myself every day and grow into a well-balanced individual through my coursework in my time at Ohio State.
  • Leadership Development: The development of leadership skills is one of the hardest yet most satisfying tasks one can endure.  Having the ability to lead a team of people to overcome a challenge or work together for the greater good of others is one of the most important characteristics to have when discussing a well-rounded individual in society.  I have always strived to take a leadership role in any cohort I am involved in because leading and helping those around me not only develops my own skills but encourages the growth in the peers I am surrounding by.  This mutual development is very important to me and having the ability to influence those around you is vital to socio-economic growth.
  • Service Engagement: Serving the community and surrounding areas is undoubtedly beneficial for everyone involved.  Being an active member of society is very important to me because if it were not for those before me who took service engagement seriously, I would not be in the position I am today.  I personally have benefitted from the service of others on numerous occasions and I take it into my own hands to reciprocate that action.  One example of this can be seen through my involvement with my local school district, where I had to opportunity to serve disabled children in one of the elementary schools near my home.  I planned and oversaw an 8-month project to facilitate the learning of basic motor and thinking skills through small, easy to comprehend ‘task-boxes’ where children could individually learn a process such as color matching, numerical order, or other everyday skills (reading a thermometer, labeling a calendar, etc.).  Through this service action, I gained valuable skills that I use to this day such as leadership, long-term goal-setting, perseverance, and much more.  In my time at Ohio State, I plan to develop these skills further by engaging in various service projects in Columbus and continuing the actions of others through personal involvement.