PSYCH 4305: Introduction to Psychopharmacology

During my 2019 Autumn semester, I was given the opportunity to take Dr. Gary Wenk’s Introduction to Psychopharmacology course before he retired from teaching that subject.  To preface, I had learned of this course at my freshman orientation when my advisor suggested that I take it before Dr. Wenk retired.  After reading some student reviews and information about Dr. Wenk, I was very eager to take the class.  The class was so popular, I had to sign up for enrollment at the end of my Autumn 2018 semester.

In this course, Dr. Wenk taught about the various effects, pathways, transmitters, and properties associated with many pharmaceuticals and other drugs.  We learned about the history of certain drug molecules, their uses and abuses, and how the brain is affected by these molecules.  Dr. Wenk’s background and enthusiasm made the class very exciting which allowed me to learn in a new way.  Although the class only consisted of two grades (the midterm and the final), Dr. Wenk wanted his students to put in work and accel in his course.  This class sparked my interest in psychopharmacology and opened new doors for my future.  As a result of learning from Dr. Wenk, I intend to look into a minor in pharmaceuticals or psychopharmacology to learn more about the field and strengthen the skills necessary to be a physician.

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