Microbial Pathogenesis Research

Throughout the summer and autumn semesters of 2019, I have been involved in student research at the Abigail Wexner Research Institute attached to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital working with Dr. Kevin Mason in the Microbial Pathogenesis laboratory.  Throughout my time in the lab, I have learned a lot about microbiology and genetics through my work on Haemophilus influenzae and Escherichia coli.  I followed protocols on how to create mutant versions of bacteria, purify samples, and performed various experiments to test specific components of each.  Along with this, I gained knowledge of many scientific techniques such as PCR, ligation, growth analysis, and bacterial staining.  Through this experience, I have also been given the opportunity to work on several other projects that may be published within my time here at Ohio State – effectively putting myself and the work I do out into the real world. I plan to continue this work into future semesters so that I can learn more, participate in the advancement of medicine, and grow as a person.


This ePortfolio is composed of various moments I find important to the growth and development of my career here at Ohio State, as well as various goals, career ideas, and reflections I have gathered along the way.