Several of my personal interests and the activities that I have been involved with during my first two years here at Ohio State correspond with the GOALS of other OSU’s Honors and Scholars students. The one I feel is most applicable to my time so far is leadership development.

Throughout the past year and half, I have seen an immense improvement in my personal leadership skills. Mount Leadership Society Scholars has given me the opportunities and tools needed to build upon my leadership abilities. I have had the chance to acknowledge and improve my strengths and weaknesses. I have learned what kind of leader I am and how my leadership skills align with others. I have the ability to work with others of different cultures and backgrounds to gain knowledge and awareness of those around me. Through this knowledge, I am able to see how I can work with others to produce the best results to better myself and the community. With my scholars program, I am able to dedicate several community service hours to one organization and utilize my time and strength to help improve the lives of those in my community. With what I have learned and will continue to learn, I am able to apply my abilities inside the classroom as well as in my community. I am excited to see what more I can do for my myself and my community in the next few years.