Artifact 2

Before coming to school, one of my biggest fears was that I would not be able to make friends. After moving in and getting to know other Mounties, I knew this wouldn’t be a problem. This Polaroid was taken just a few weeks ago and captures a moment I shared with some of my most favorite people. Early on I developed a relationship with Deepthi. She was good friends with my roommate as well as one of the other members in my Connection Group. It took me a couple of weeks to develop a friendship with Cole and a little under a month to actually meet Zack. When first meeting and developing friendships with these three, I didn’t know that they would turn out to be a few of the most important people to me. They have made my acclimation to campus so much easier. I have had a lot of other friends that are first years that have felt alone and lost the first couple of months after starting school. But, with the great opportunity Mount offers it has been very easy to find people with similar interests. These three have come to be my best friends here at Ohio State and I am so thankful for them. They have made my first semester here amazing and I hope they are my friends for the rest of my time here and many years to come.

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