Artifact 1

Something that holds a lot of meaning to me is a present I received on my eighteen birthday from my parents. I was given a silver heart necklace with a smaller gold heart in the center. The biggest reason why this is so important to me is because my parents are the most important people in my life. Throughout the last eighteen years, they have been nothing but amazing. They have given me the most important gifts of life and love. The two of them have provided me with more than enough and I could never truly thank them enough for that. Not everyone is given the same opportunities as I am and I am truly grateful that my parents have worked hard and made sacrifices for me to have the experiences I have had. Although we might argue over little things, they have always been there for me and encouraged me. My mom and dad have been the ones that have taught me the most important lessons in life and I continue to learn more and more from them every dayEven when I have felt alone and insignificant, my parents have always been the reminder that I am loved. It has been hard being away from them here at Ohio State. But, this necklace is always a reminder that I will always be a big piece of their heart and they will be a big piece of mine. Regardless of what happens, it’s nice to know they have always been and always will be my biggest cheerleaders as well as my best friends. 

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